About Me

I grew up as a preacher’s child, God allowed me to be born into the ideal Christian home. My parents encouraged me to be a good Christian example to others, by the age of seven (7) I began to teach Sunday school class; they supported me to use my God given talent. From this experience , as I continued to grow in the church, many more opportunities occurred. I am now an adult who wears many hats. I been employed as a counselor, work in child abuse programs, department of social services and as an educator in the school system ranging from pre-K to 12th grade (teaching all academic subjects).

My mother was a devout Christian, my father being a Pastor had lead his church without strife. As a kid, I think I took church pretty seriously. I went diligently and regularly. I tried very hard to think clean thoughts. I said nightly prayers, unprompted. I was, from one point of view, very devoted to the word of God. We as a family prayed before every meal, and my parents set impeccable examples for my sisters and brothers to observe and follow. I am the youngest of five(5) children. My parents taught their children about God, and I learned about His grace, forgiveness, patience, and love.

Revelation is my favorite book in the Bible, I believe that the bible is our road map from God’s Kingdom to earth; and it is the key for us to enter back into his realm.

I’m intelligent and sensitive, a good writer, a good listener; I’ve learned many skills and done good work with my life; I’ve been part of a wonderful community and have good support from my family and friends that I hold with immense significance. I’ve constantly feel I needed to do more and to be more.

I feel my relationship with God is close and dear, he has blessed me to raise nineteen(19) successful children. I know that he will continue to be faithful and he will help me to climb many more mountains…