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Adidas Apparel History-Reviews



Adolf & Rudolf Dassler:

Jesse Owens

Adidas was founded on August 18, 1949 in Germany. Its founder Adolf Dassler, formerly named the company  Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory (1924-1949). The Dassler brothers (Adolf & Rudolf) initially started the shoe company in their mothers home. They developed the use of rubber and canvas (which made the footwear lighter than metal spikes) for track and field contestants. Jesse Owens (four-time Olympic gold medalist in 1936) was convinced by the brothers to wear a pair of their (hand-made) canvas with spiked rubber bottom sneakers for the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Subsequently, after Jesse Owens was triumphant in obtaining multiple Gold Metals; their company became well known. This well planned, strategically placed scenario put the Dassler Brothers on the map. The Dassler Brothers was spoken about by trainers and athletes across the globe. This newly established recognition, gave source to the brothers manufacturing over 200,000 pairs of athletic footwear a year.


The Birth of Adidas:

Although Adolf & Rudolf were building a successful trade name. The two brothers had several disagreements throughout their partnership. Their variances caused a lot of conflicts and wasn’t conducive to building their brand. These differences was so relentless that it put them on a negative path, and in 1947 they decided to separate and go their own ways. This new venture  of theirs was the beginnings/birth of the Adidas Company in 1949… Instituted by Adolf Dassler. The older brother, Rudolf Dassler choose to develop his own contending brand and he named it Ruda, afterward renamed it Puma

 Europe Loves Adidas:

In Europe, Adidas is the leading sportswear producer… Many European people praise the Adidas brand and have a variety of outfits and with an assortment of colors. Some consumers even fixate on there ever evolving ward-robe of Adidas.


Below are some of Adidas loyal customers (throughout the globe) statements:

  • “I recently bought my first pair of Adidas sneakers (they are burgundy cloudfoam Neos) and I am obsessed with them.” (Gave them 5 stars) Alisha J.
  • “I prefer Nike over Adidas BUT I love Adidas . They have good Quality products so you never have to worry about anything getting ruined.” (Gave them 5 stars) Deazhane C.
  • “I love these shoes. I’ve kept them clean with the right products and they go with literally everything. A basic necessity in everybody’s closet.” (Gave them 5 stars) Megan G.
  • “I always have to give Adidas 5 stars because they are my favorite brand for active wear.” Aly B.
  • “Don’t have many things from here, but one of my favorite things that they make are the “trio training pants”. They’re not only comfy but they look nice just to Wear around. I have a couple pairs of these definitely worth the buy. Their ultra boost material is also one of my favorite things. They are beyond comfortable ! I love wearing the shoes it feels like I’m walking on a cloud.” (Gave them 5 stars) Kevin G.


Global Ratings:

World-wide, Adidas is rated second to the distinguished company; Nike. The American sportswear giant has overtaken Germany’s Adidas as the market leader for the first time since the 2009-10 season. Nike now supplies shirts for 26 clubs compared with Adidas’s 18, while third-placed Puma supplies just nine. Statistically, the Adidas brand company boasts a market capitalization approaching $19 billion and had a brand value of 7.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2017. Whereas its arch-rival competitor, the world’s leading athletic apparel maker has increased its revenue to $24 billion.

Using Ocean Plastic:

Adidas has developed a sneaker which is made from Recycled Ocean Plastic, They are one of five companies leading the charge in Using Ocean Plastic in their products. . In 1975, the National Academy of Sciences estimated that 14 billion pounds of garbage was being dumped into the ocean every year. The Problem: Over 100 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean. By recycling the recovered ocean plastic into today’s apparel, Adidas is taking large steps to assist with the ocean clean-up. We can give Adidas kudos for their participation with this immense undertaking of ocean clean-up.


Did You Know: Top Six Facts

  1. Adidas will be 70 years old in 2019.
  2. There was a place called “adidas Park” in Boston.
  3. Run DMC impressed an adidas executive so much that they offered them a $1M endorsement deal.
  4. To represent adidas’ diversity, the Trefoil logo was created.
  5. The original Adidas Superstars weren’t originally made in Germany, but in France.
  6. Music executive Russell Simmons came up with the idea for the song “my Adidas”.

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