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A Little History Of The Refrigerator:

For years people were using home delivery of ice to keep their food from spoiling. Most of these iceboxes were made of wood, tin, cork or zinc. It wasn’t until early 1800’s when the “Icebox” was pioneered, in 1805 an US inventor (Oliver Evans) designed the 1st refrigeration system that used vapor to cool. The people of the 19th century use to bury their food in cellars for consumption on a later date. Then finally, in 1927 after several more small advancements, General Electric released the first widely used home refrigeration system which used Freon to cool.

Kenmore 50042 25 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Ice Maker with Window, White, includes delivery and hookup (Available in select cities only)

kenmore-50042-whiteThis brand of refrigerator is great. It runs fine and I would recommend it. The shelves are not so deep that things are hidden from view. Plenty of Room for Plenty of Groceries. The Kenmore 25 cu. ft. side-by-side fridge has plenty of room for snacks, fresh foods, leftovers and meal-time staples. Whether you thrive on fresh fruits and veggies or live off of a week’s worth of leftovers and frozen pizzas, this fridge has the flexible storage options and freshness technology to keep foods chill and tasty. Easy to clean, organize and stock, this Kenmore fridge is perfect for apartments and single family homes.
Only available in select cities. Gallon door bins and a humidity-controlled clear crisper bin give you tons of storage and organization options throughout the fridge
The in-door Dual Pad ice and water dispenser puts fresh water right in your glass, no button fumbling required. The ice dispenser has a clear built-in window so you can keep tabs on ice levels. A built-in water filter reduces water contaminants…
Overall, this refrigerator is great.