Communications without Anger

Communications without AngerControlling Anger

Communications without Anger We need to be clear about our standards, about anger; so we can create very intentional messages for when difficult, anger-provoking situations occurs. Consider this when communicating with others, make your points clearly and succinctly without condemnations or accusations. The reason we get angry have more to do with our thoughts than our circumstances. It is the manner in which people express emotions that can be either creative or destructive, appropriate or inappropriate. Poor communication skills can be a contributor to anger, abusive attitudes and behaviors.

Gen 49:7

Cursed is their anger, for it is fierce, And their wrath, for it is sharp;

Communications without AngerWhat you don’t want to do is, carry around the resentment and frustration that comes from “stuffing” your anger and all of the other feelings you may be experiencing. It takes a lot of mental energy to bottle up these feelings. After all, every human being experiences anger now and then. Again, violence toward oneself or others is never an acceptable way of expressing anger.

Exo 32:12

Why do the Egyptians speak, saying, For evil He brought them out to slay them among mountains, and to consume them from off the face of the ground? Turn back from the heat of Thine anger, and repent of the evil against Thy people.

Communications without AngerCommunications without Anger

Be Assertive not Angry


Communications without Anger Assertive is behaving without the expectation that the other person will “back down,” agree with you, or do what you want them to do. The real goal of being assertive is clear communication, not necessarily getting what you want. When you are assertive, you open a door and invite others to join you in a constructive dialogue. This may lead to a resolution or it may not.

Ephes 4:29

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

Communication has a lot to do with anger. Learning good communication skills is a great way to manage anger. There are many ways to improve your communication skills, you can try self help books or seek the advice of a professional. Whatever approach you choose, it is your willingness to learn and change your ways that will enhance the effectiveness of these anger management techniques.

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