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Fundamental Key To Success


fundamental-key-successForm meaningful goals, not “ridiculous goals”!!!

A successful person knows how to take the initiative in all environments, and positively affect his/her outcome. They continuously focus on developing strong communication and collaboration skills by building habits that support dependability. Being confident when assembling meaningful, impactful soft personality skills is also a reflection of success.  Extended self-determination will lead to increased independence. Also, consider a logical progression in which they can be built upon one another. You can’t achieve your goals by waving a magic wand or just wishing for it. The purpose of meaningful goals are not so you can get the result, it’s what the end result will make you as a person. Know what responsibilities you will be taking on if given what you want, and accept them without missing a beat.

Meaningful goals create emotion and drive inside of you. They spur you to grow and expand. We expect to get exactly what we want without being clear as to what that is. By being absolutely clear as to what your goal is and more importantly why you must achieve your goal, you will find your purpose. And purpose is stronger than outcome. We’re setting goals because we want to become better versions of ourselves or we want to upgrade our life experiences. We have personally selected these milestones as a way to make it happen. fundamental-key-success


The Five Golden Rules:

  1. Set Goals That Motivate You. When you set goals for yourself, it is important that they motivate you: this means making sure that they are important to you, and that there is value in achieving them. …
  2. Set SMART Goals. …
  3. Set Goals in Writing. …
  4. Make an Action Plan. …
  5. Stick With It!


Your Accountability:

Adding meaningful objectives to your goals brings a greater energy and excitement to achieving them. Staying true to yourself and your goals should not be hard work. If you don’t meet your objectives please don’t give up, you may need to make some readjustments. See the big picture, but take baby steps. You may need to quit doing something one way and try doing it another way. You must view your accountability as a gift to yourself, a voluntary mindset to ensure success, not something you’re force-feeding yourself even though you hate it. More importantly, don’t get discouraged by small setbacks. We’re so good at thinking of what to do but so terrible at actually doing those things, understand what motivates you and apply it to your pursuit of reaching your meaningful goals. Motivation is the energy that drives you to accomplish goals, and it’s necessary for all types of success.


The first steps to success is having an initial vision:

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • Be clear with your apparitions.

Take full responsibility of your vision:

  • Allow yourself to take control of the situation…
  • Remain focus driven…

Widen your perspective and have a positive attitude regarding your vision:

  • This is critical to achieving your goal, and will be a optimistic reminder to stay on track.
  • Thinking positive will lead you to more constructive results.

Be conscious of your time, manage your time effectively:

  • There’s an old saying “TIME IS MONEY” …
  • When you are aware/sensitive of your time, you delegate it more cautiously.

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