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Best Me I Can Be


At work and at home we face a multitude of decisions every day. Giving our best to all that we do and doing the right thing at the right time could frequently cause a dilemma. We need to surround ourselves around great people, I constantly go for principle-based leaders and really try hard to choose the right one to follow. We live in a world which lacks flawlessness. There are few really good clear and right choices as well. There could be an intermediate factor. I suppose there is importance in establishing a proactive self empowerment, and we should embrace change as a growth opportunity.


Decipher between right and wrong

Equally important, being a better you is essential; only determination will lead to a better (version of) you. Better is based on our own values and ethics in doing the right thing as opposed to doing things right. Doing the Right Thing or Doing Things Right has fundamental differences. The problem is recognizing the difference and striking a balance. However, doing the right thing is a matter of integrity. Furthermore,Most people can decipher between right and wrong. The difficult part is having the integrity to “do the right thing.” A good starting point (in becoming a better you) could be, consenting to focusing on continual core strengthening.


In my research, these are my top picks in “being a better you”:

  • Dedicate your life to doing what you love
  • Manage your Attention
  • Manage your Agreements
  • Stop negative self-talk as soon as you see it coming.
  • Know how to say no.
  • Learn something new every day.
  • Celebrate your imperfections.
  • Experienced failure.
  • Explore, Have fun, Love yourself, Own it, Learn, Create, Stay excited.

I’m still learning that my actions and inaction’s shapes my future. It took time to learn that this reality and everything in it is pure energy at our disposal to create the world we focus our intentions on. I can honestly say being a caring responsible person has its benefits and always seem to put me in more fitting circumstances to live the life I want. But whenever I indulged in negativity I often attract it into my life, it’s not easy to stop to be truthful.

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