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JIBO, Artificial Intelligence

This new innovative layer, called the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is changing huge ventures. Like assembling, mining, and transportation. And, it’ll have a positive; multi-trillion dollar affect on the economy overall.

jibo-techWhat could be a better proof than our growing dependence on ‘smart’ gadgets? Ranging from phones to just about every invention of technology. Standing at a height of 11 inches and carrying a weight of six pounds. Jibo is definitely the most talented addition that you can make to your family. Okay, although it might not be the same as having a dog or cat around. But JIBO does boast some pretty cool features that the entire family will love using. It will entertain your three-year-old kid all the way to your mother-in-laws. It can even read your kids stories at night.

Jibo is intelligent enough to recognize every member of the family. And, respond to each in a manner which is both suitable and relevant to the age of that particular individual. Thanks to its artificial intelligence algorithms it features. JIBO will learn your preferences to adapt and fit your family’s life. Hands-free is another advantage of Jibo. As it is independent and yet is punctual enough to remind you of something that you must say or do. Jibo could be the best emotional connection courtesy of the images that it can capture without any conscious effort. And it could also be fun to be with as a friend whenever you need one.

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Before there was the iPhone and the Macbook, there were far lower-tech gadgets which enabled individuals to send essential interchanges to each other. In the late 1980s and mid 1990s, the pager (or beeper, as it was once in a while called) was one of the most punctual types of versatile specialized gadget. Every pager had a telephone number, which could be called in the event that somebody needed to get in contact with the owner. At the point when a pager got a call, it beeped!

Another gadget that is obsolete today, yet was broadly utilized as a part of the 1990s and mid 2000s was the individual advanced aide, or PDA. The individual computerized aide was a handheld gadget that was basically a working individual’s logbook, address book, email, Internet entry, and numerous different alternatives all moved into one. PDAs were boundless in the business world as they could arrange a few file organizers of business contacts and business portfolios into a solitary, handheld gadget.

JIBO will also be able to field phone calls and messages. Connecting your family’s phones via Wi-Fi – and be able to act as the heart of your home. As it connects to loads of household devices like TVs, tablets, gaming consoles and more. It can recognize faces, understand what people say, and respond in an amiable voice. Jibo’s purpose is to help busy family members coordinate with one another. And, communicate with the outside world. In the morning. For example, the robot can remind parents and kids of important events and tasks for the day. You can tell Jibo what you need to accomplish today! The device will update your schedule or to-do list for you while you’re making breakfast.

Think back to the early 1900’s when virtually all cleaning, mending, and cooking chores had to be done by hand (and usually a woman’s hand, at that). As more homes became wired for electricity, more companies began selling labor-saving machines. Now, with “artificial intelligence” like the JIBO. We are able to do more things then ever before!!!

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