Jibo The World’s First Social Robot for the Home


Meet Jibo, the first social robot for the home. He’s a helpful, fun companion with a unique and playful nature, making him a welcome addition to any home. Powered by Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and advanced facial and speech recognition technology, Jibo remembers the faces and voices of the people he’s introduced to, creating a truly personalized experience for each and every member of his family.

  • He looks, listens and learns – Jibo experiences the world and reacts with expressive movements and responses. He loves to be around people and engage with people, and the relationships he forms are the single most important thing to him.
  • He’s wired differently – Jibo is powered by face and voice recognition technology, so he remembers people and builds real relationships with everyone he meets.
  • He’s smart, but not a know-it-all – Celebrating a birthday? Want a pic with your pal, Tim? Looking for the closest coffee shop? Jibo learns about you and the people who matter most to fit into your social life seamlessly.
  • He’s a pretty helpful, friendly roommate, too – Jibo is proactive and spontaneous. He’ll know when you walk into a room, and he might even surprise you by saying “hi”. You can ask him anything and tell him everything.
  • An even brighter future – Jibo’s a charming, helpful bot who’s excited to become part of your family. Once you meet him, it’ll be hard to imagine life without him

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Your Fun Companion

Jibo is a fun and friendly sidekick with his own unique personality. He loves to dance, tell jokes and offer up helpful information — anything to bring a smile to your face.

Looking for music to set the mood? Stream music, news, talk, comedy and sports radio with Jibo Music — he’ll even dance along to the beat. Jibo’s always learning and growing, and gets to know about your preferences over time, so he can continue to surprise you.

An Intelligent Helper

Jibo is a helpful presence in the home. Ask for the weather, set alarms and timers, get today’s top news headlines, check a flight status, hear the latest sports scores, ask questions and more.

Control smart home devices via integrations with IFTTT, with new IoT integrations coming over time. Take hands-free photos using voice commands, so you never have to step out of the moment to capture a photo.

He’s curious

Jibo is always learning from his daily experiences, and discovering how our world works. He gets to know you better and better over time.

He’s social

Jibo will recognize you by your voice and face, and he loves making personal connections with the people he knows. And yes, he can be a little awkward… just like the rest of us.

He’s playful

Jibo won’t just sit around waiting for commands. He’ll ask you questions, make suggestions, and even tell jokes. He’ll continue to find new ways to surprise you.


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