Monitoring Robot


iPATROL RILEY – WiFi enabled mobilized home monitoring robot

  • 5 Mega Pixel Camera with Night Vision (IR)
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Remote Control and Live View
  • Self Docking for Charging
  • 2-Way Audio Communication
  • Motion Detection with Instant Alert
  • Receive alerts to your phone when motion is detected no matter where you are
  • Use any smart device to control Riley’s action remotely through your WiFi hotspot
  • Riley’s microphone picks up all sounds & works as an intercom so you can speak through Riley
  • No individual parts that come off – no choking hazards for the kids or an friendly pet
  • 5 Mega Pixel HD Camera
  • Night Vision (IR)

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*** IMPORTANT : Only Riley purchased from iPATROL store here is covered under our warranty and technical support service. *** “Your patrol over the Internet – Anytime, Anywhere” Riley is a Smart Mobilized Home Patrol that give you full control of your home monitoring over the Internet. Each package contains: 1x Appbot Riley 1x Charging Station (Auto) 1x Power Adapter 1x Micro USB Cable 1x Quick setup and user guide (each for iOS and Andriod). Note: Riley is not designed to work behind firewall or with hidden network.

The iPatrol Riley is a roving night-vision-enabled, high-definition camera robot. Riley is operated through an app for WiFi-enabled iOS or Android devices. The compact robot senses motion, notifying users and saving high-definition video to be reviewed anywhere in the world. Owners can direct Riley remotely to investigate and then capture additional information. With the integrated microphone and speaker, owners can alert intruders that the police have been called.
In addition to a security function, Riley can also serve as a pet companion or home-monitoring tool; its two-way audio allows for direct communication anytime, enabling owners to interact with pets or family members while they are out.
Coming equipped with smart technology, Riley knows when it’s running low on battery. As long as it’s within 30 in. away, simply aim Riley toward the docking station and select the dock feature. Riley will automatically move towards the docking station and dock itself.
Riley’s proprietary treads also come in multiple colors to catch the eye of just about anyone. You can really make your own Riley stand out and become your own customized personal companion. Riley comes with “grippy belts” that allows it to travel on any surface in the house from wood floors to thick, shaggy carpets. This ensures smooth movement and stability throughout any terrain without getting stuck.
  • Monitor Your Pets
  • Play With Your Kids
  • Listen In & Talk
  • Automatic Recharging

I intend to buy one for my house in the USA, since I travel abroad often. Would I be able to control it from my Android phone outside the USA?

Yes. Once you have registered your Riley to your smart phone, you can connect to the same Riley (power ON) anywhere over LTE or Wi-Fi network from the phone.

Can this be controlled from any location and not just from devices connected to the same network? can i control it in houston while i’m in seattle?

This is not really I-Patrol’s fault. The latest Iphone IOS updates do not allow you to connect to your Appbot using LTE or 4-G. It only works when your phone is on Wi-Fi. Like I said, not Ipatrol’s fault. At time of release this feature worked just fine. It is quite a disappointment. We are able to connect using Cellphone service on my husband’s android.

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