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Top Microwave Ovens


Nowadays, the microwave oven is in over 85% of Americans homes. It is as familiar as Americas favorite sports. No home should be without one! Commercially, you will find the microwave oven in most restaurants as well. Restaurants use the microwave oven as a quick way to safely, and easily prepare their customers foods. There is a cost factor as well, restaurants can save time and reduce employees hours too. More so, the average person use the microwave to quickly warm up leftovers.

Another benefit of this invention of the mid 1900’s is. The preparation and clean up time are immensely decreased. No pots to clean, everything can be cooked (warmed up) in the same microwave safe dish. And, brought straight to the table from the microwave.  Today the sights, sounds, and smell of the microwave oven are immediately familiar to most Americans. Heating everything from vegetables to your favorite meat in a hurry. It wasn’t until 1967, however, that technology miniaturization and cost reductions in manufacturing made the ovens small enough and cheap enough for use in the kitchens of the American middle class.


Farberware Gourmet Microwave Oven, 1.1 Cubic Foot 1100 Watt with Smart Sensor, Inverter Technology, and Sensor Touch Control Panel, Black

Smart Sensor technology monitors the temperature and amount of steam coming from the food. This will judge how much water remains and how long it should continue heating. With 6 Smart Sensor One-Touch presets. Sensor Reheat, Frozen Pizza, Frozen Vegetable, Potato, Meat, and Frozen Entree.
top-microwave-ovensInverter Precision Cooking Technology produces even temperatures. Consistent textures and prevents overcooking and loss of nutrients. Your food can be prepared to perfection with minimal hot spots and burn risks. Inverter defrost allows you to defrost foods such as meat, poultry and seafood simply by entering the weight. While preventing cooked edges.
8 Auto cooking programs let you to heat up everyday items quickly and easily. Multi-Stage cooking functionality adjusts cooking level mid-cycle allowing for the perfect finish.
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Microwaves themselves are utilized as a part of various applications, for example, media transmission items, radar indicators, wood curing and drying, and medicinal treatment of specific infections. Be that as it may, some of their properties render them perfect for cooking, by a long shot the most widely recognized utilization of microwave vitality. Microwaves can go through plastic, glass, and paper materials; metal surfaces reflect them, and nourishments (particularly fluids) retain them. A dinner set in a traditional broiler is warmed from the outside in, as it gradually assimilates the encompassing air that the stove has warmed. Microwaves, then again, warm nourishment substantially more rapidly in light of the fact that they infiltrate all layers at the same time. Inside a bit of nourishment or a holder loaded with fluid, the microwaves unsettle atoms, in this way warming the substance.

The capacity of microwave vitality to cook nourishment was found in the 1940s by Dr. Percy Spencer, who had led explore on radar vacuum tubes for the military amid World War II. Spencer’s examinations uncovered that, when restricted to a metal walled in area, high-recurrence radio waves enter and energize certain kind of particles, for example, those found in nourishment. Sufficiently intense to cook the sustenance, the microwaves are not sufficiently solid to adjust its sub-atomic or hereditary structure or to make it radioactive.


Microwave ovens already have an abundance of features – so what will they be able to do in the future? The microwave is beloved for its speed and ease of use. But, what you might not know about your indispensable kitchen appliance is that it was invented utterly by accident. One fateful day 70 years ago, when a Raytheon engineer named Percy Spencer was testing a military-grade magnetron. He suddenly realized his snack had melted. Although you can’t microwave every kind of food. Your microwave oven can be a useful cooking tool. Microwave ovens usually don’t destroy nutrients in food. And in some cases, preparing food in a microwave might actually promote nutrient retention.

The quality of protein is higher in microwaved than in conventionally cooked food as far less oxidation occurs in meat cooked in a microwave. Reheating food quickly in a microwave retains more nutrients than holding food hot for long periods; this is significant in institutions and hospitals where food may be held hot for several hours in traditional catering systems.

Microwaves are able to heat food but not the paper plate holding it because the frequency of the microwaves is set such that they specifically agitate water molecules, causing them to vibrate rapidly. It is this vibration that causes the heat production. No water, no heat. So objects that don’t contain water, like a paper plate or ceramic dish, are not heated by microwaves. All the heating takes place in the food itself, not its container.

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